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Magic, Charcoal

This morning, I woke up at 8am. I have class at 9am. I’m always late to this class, even though I try to be early. Today I decided to park in the faculty lot close to the building so that I wouldn’t be late. I sat through class-it was boring. Class finished, and I had move my car to park it in the right spot. But then, a magical thing happened. Instead of driving to the campus where my lab is located, I headed north. I felt I deserved to be treated to breakfast for 1. waking up before noon, 2. making it to class on time, and 3. just for the hell of it. So I fled the medical center and went to get some breakfast biscuits. I’m pretty sure I listened to this song in the car the entire way. That’s beside the point, though…

After I had acquired food, I headed back to school. But suddenly, I found myself parked in front of my house. And how nice would it be to eat breakfast at home, watch some TV, maybe draw/paint, or even just take a nap? After all, I did wake up so early. I felt so inspired to do anything but work. Is that just called lazy?

I am currently watching youtube videos of my main man, Jimmy Fallon, doing impressions, catching up on DailyShow/ColbertReport episodes, downloading new music and blogging. I think it’s going to be a good day, even if it delays me getting my PhD by a few hours. I just need to recharge and rest.

My cat, admiring my blogging

Maybe I should explain why I’m so tired. I’ve been drawing a lot more, and the urge usually strikes me around 11pm. Once I get going, before I know it it’s 3am and my hands are covered in charcoal and my cat has gone to sleep without me. Here are a few of the ones I’m working on.

My "Spellbound" still under construction...

I’ve always loved this painting, and it lends itself well to charcoal with all the shading. And we don’t have to get into the fact that I love the eyes wrapped curtains, the darkness, the one closed eye that’s receiving the attention of every other orb. I really love it.

Dali's "Spellbound"original

This next one took me a long time to complete. I’d never really done anything like it before, but the idea was just so cool, and seemed easy enough. It ended up taking me quite a few sessions before I just called it. It’s one of those that never really looks finished, I just couldn’t do anymore with it. I think I might use the concept for other drawings, though (maybe a forests with faces series?).

Mother Nature, 12/11

This one I did a few years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites:


I think I’m going to start doing a lot more art. I started an oil painting this past weekend with some people, and even though it was silly, it was still exciting to do it. However, I’ve decided, I really love using charcoal. With it, I can make all my favorite colors of shades of black and grey. It’s subtle, real, dark, smoky, stark, and I just really love it. It seems so permanent, but really it’s the most delicate- any movement or accident will smudge it, yet mistakes are fixed so easily. I find it very fluid and dynamic, whereas with paint, I can’t undo what I’ve done, plus I can’t think in color. I find myself writing again, too. Look at me, getting all arty.







and I miss my sister.

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