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I want this to be my life

I’ve never seen anything that made me so happy and full of joy. Whenever I have a bad day from now on, I am going to come back and watch these videos in succession, until I am so overwhelmed with excitement that I cry (good crying, not the bad day crying).

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Double Triplets

I forgot to chronicle my interesting weekend.

My friends and I (a group of 5 diverse, attractive, intelligent ladies) went to the World Fest in Addison on Saturday. The world-ness of the festival was not the highlight, but rather our time spent once the booths closed.

As we were sitting on the grass, all enjoying the beautiful weather and our collective laziness, SUDDENLY two children run up and throw a frisbee to us. Another child appears and is speaking, apparently to us. Yet another small child arrives, ball in hand, and is looking at each of us eagerly. Eventually, one girl says, “Helllooo. Hello? Will you play with us?”
We are extremely confused, but our maternal instincts kick in, so we all get up off our asses and start to play with the children. There are eight (plus/minus two) children total. One adult comes over and informs us that there are two sets of triplets, about 3 months apart, that are 6 years old. There were a couple of random older/younger siblings in the mix, plus one random, non-affliated toddler whose mother decided to leave it with us. It was quite a site. They had about 4 frisbees, two red balls, and an umbrella.

The one little girl, with bright red hair, I think her name was Jessica, well she really took a liking to me. She hugged me (meaning my thighs) out of no where, and we had the following conversation:
J: *squeezing hug with eyes closed for 30 seconds*
M: *pats on head, awkwardly*
J: You’re really pretty. Your shoes are really pretty. And your dress is really pretty. *hug tighter*
M: Thanks…
J:  I have a boyfriend.
M: Really? Who is he?
J: His name is Joe. *points into the mass of remaining male children*
M: Which one is Joe?
J: He’s one of the twins. I don’t know which one. We kissed.
M: No way! Did you kiss here?
J: No, we kissed at my house. In the swimming pool. But he’s not really my boyfriend. I have another boyfriend.
M: Another boyrfriend? You’re only supposed to have one of those!
J: Yeah, I know. I already have one, though. He has a football uniform.
M: Yes, that’s a very important feature in a boyfriend…
J: *runs off to take her frisbee from her brother*

Eventually, Jessica pulls out the umbrella she got today from one of the Asian booths. She’s twirling the silly little pink thing around, when up comes (I’m assuming BF#1) Joe, yelling, “hellooooooo….hellloooooo? Hello…? Are you looking for meee?” She completely ignored him and continued her performance with the umbrella for us.

Then there was the ladies’ man. Imagine a male supermodel, suave, debonaire, charming and charismatic, athletic….at six years of age. He threw the frisbee perfectly to each of us, was patient and polite, and had a little faux-hawk and cute clothes.

Finally the father tried gathering the crazy mess of hyperactive six year olds, telling them all to “Hug the ladies! Say tell goodbye!”
random 1/3 of triplets: It was nice noticing you!
Jessica: *cuts circulation to my legs off* BYE!!
Charmer:  “It was great to meet you. Thanks for playing with us. *wink*” Jk…I added in the wink. But he might as well have done it. Charming little bugger.
Joe#1: *hiding under a table with amps and equipment on it, giggling*
As I’m trying to hand Joe#2 his frisbee so they can leave:  Hellooo. Hellooooo. Throw it to me. *runs in opposite direction.*
another random child: *chases a ball into the make-shift stream, splashing water on his siblings*
I can’t wait to have twins. Six is a little much, though.

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I broke up with Netflix

And I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve realized that I can stream movies and TV shows from multiple websites. FOR FREE. Just make sure you have a pop-up blocker that works. And if I ever really really need to see a movie that I can’t find online, then I’ll just redbox it or get over it.

There have been other changes in my life recently. Aside from my improv comedy obsession, I’ve been skipping work to go to the mall. I drink less coffee than before. I buy candles and cereal and coats. I’ve developed a loud, barking, impenetrable cough that refuses to go away, even with inhaler use despite not having been sick nor having any changes to my environment. In fact, there’s been a sharp drop-off of my exposure to smoke, so this seems counterintuitive.

For those inquiring minds who want to know, I restrung Austin (my guitar) last night. All by myself, without any help!! Except a youtube video, but still. And I tuned it myself, too! I felt like a rockstar….until: I stayed up until 2am trying to play Britney Spears’s Circus (unsuccessfully). But I did crystallize Edelweiss and Be With You. Thugz Mansion is still unattainable. It is my Everest, and I will climb it one day.

Lastly, for inquiring minds who are wondering where I came up with the name of my blog:!!!!!!!!

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I’m going to try to learn to play the guitar…

Chance of success: ~23%.

A guy I know gave me an old/crappy/part nylon string/spanish acoustic guitar tonight, so that I wouldn’t have to 1. go to a pawn shop by me self and (most likely) get taken advantage of while buying a (most likely) stolen guitar, and 2. pay lots of money at a real guitar store on something that I don’t know how to use correctly. Yay for (most likely) friends!!

It’s got a broken e string, so that’s exciting. It’s not in tune, which is also cool. You think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m honestly so stoked about this. I can’t wait to fix ‘im up! It’s a darker color, not that light caucasian looking wood. The case is old and black and worn and one of the clasps doesn’t close, and there’s ONE random sticker on the back. To me, all of these features give my new guitar a lot of character, spunk, gumption if you will. I love him. I know most guitars are female, but to me, this one is a male. This is partly because it was given to me by a male.

note the classy designs on the middle part, where the hole is. I don't even know the anatomy of a guitar...

The best part is: I’m gonna get so many chicks with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meaning: I hope the cool kids will invite me to play guitar with them, even though I’ll suck. So far my repertoire consists of only three songs: 1. We Are Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes. 2. New Slang by The Shins. 3. Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.
Not exactly songs people rock/jam out to. And since the next song I’m attempting is Enrique Iglesias’s “Be With You,” that doesn’t up my street cred any…I looked into “Thugz Mansion” by Tupac, but that shit is too hard to play. It’s like expert advanced. God, I love Tupac:

The definition of a BCM...

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Why I love Judge Judy…

she thinks computers and the internet are more complicated than building a nuclear bomb, and just as dangerous.

I need to find myself a tattoo artist to recreate this piece of perfection...

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Why breakfast is the devil…

This morning I decided to eat breakfast, because that makes you healthier! In a premeditated stroke of initiative, I bought Special K cereal, yogurt, and other health-y, breakfast-y items on my trip to the grocery store last week.

This morning I pour a modest bowl of Special K berry yogurt crunch cereal with 1% milk. At the end, I have leftover milk in my bowl. Naturally, I think: I know! I’ll finish the milk with those chocolate chip cookies I baked last night!

I proceeded to eat 3….4….5 chocolate chip cookies in the morning, before my day had started, before I had accomplished anything or even burned any calories. Yay for having a healthy start to my day!!!! Breakfast- I knew I hated you for a reason. Stay away.

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